National 1 - Day 9 - Sénart

9th and second to last day of our championship.
After this meeting, we remain leader with 4 points ahead!
To be quick on the course of the day against Sénart, last team on rankings of our championship, we won the meeting by 7-1.
With a wounded Fabrice, a sick Dragoslav and an ill Fabien, we almost reached the offensive point you obtain in case of 8-0 victory!
This meeting had two particularities on our side: Grégor played MS! And he won by two sets against a N2! Great performance for a double expert! The second one is the unseen MxD composed of Flavie and Dragoslav. Unfortunately they lost their match, they might have a forfeit at the end of the season!
Anyway, everything else went fine. I let you check the results!
I rather focus on the rankings and the rules before the last day of championship at home against Guichen on April 8th, where you must come very numerous!
The challenge of this last meeting is not to define if we will go to the playoffs, we will! The question is “will we play at home?” and to answer “yes” to this question we must remain leader of the championship.
Little reminder about the rankings: we have 4 points ahead you on RCF, the second. A victory brings 5 points, a draw 3 points and a defeat 1 point. There is what we call a “defensive bonus” if a team loses by 5-3, that brings them an additional point which means 2 points after defeat (1+1). On the same pattern, there is the “offensive bonus” if a team wins by 8-0, that brings them an additional point which means 6 point after defeat (5+1).
Here is the rule in case of draw on rankings between two teams:
“As soon as the number of teams on draw is two, rankings are determined by the results of the meeting opposing them, calculated on the same principles.”
For this last meeting, we will play at home against Guichen.
On the other side, RCF will play against the 3rd on rankings; Boulogne Billancourt who can reach the playoffs as they are only 2 points behind RCF. Only the leader and the 2nd go to playoffs.
To sum up, a victory will guarantee our 1st place and so the reception of playoffs on May 6th against the 2nd of the other pool of Nationale 1. If we lose by 6-2 and RCF wins against Boulogne Billancourt, we lose our 1st place. Indeed, RCF beat us on the first leg and we had a draw on the second one.
That is another good reason for you to come very numerous to support our team!
All the players and I count on you!