National 1 - Day 8 - U.S. Créteil

For this second to last day at home of the season (8th day of championship that contains 10 days), we were hosting Créteil.
On the first leg, we won by the thigtest score which is 5-3 with an unbelievable screenplay without Delphine. This time, the team was almost full of its members except Fabrice whose knee hurted. So I put my short, my socks and my t-shirt I am very proud of on and that reminded me the old good time when I was a player of this team. Ready to play MS2.

That is not the main information of this meeting, indeed, Créteil came without Brice Leverdez and Manon Krieger, a bit diminished by a big sprain, chose not to play the WS after playing the MxD1. That is to say we have one player less and Créteil has two.
The meeting is opened by both MxD we decided to mix compared to the usual composition.
Flavie and Grégor MxD2 and family Delrue (Delphine and Fabien) MxD1.

At the end of these matchs, the score was 1-All. Indeed, Flavie and Grégor weren’t able to impose their own game. At the opposite, Delphine and Fabien had a bad start but knew how to overcome their difficulties to win pretty easily.
Then, the WS2 with Lauren who easily won against the same opponent did the same result but with more difficulties as she had the flu.

2 – 1 and then 3 – 1 as Manon abadonned

Both MS were launched. The MS1 started very bad for Drago as he tightly lost the first set (21/19). The second one was one-way for Maxime Michel (21/10). I didn’t see everything as I was about to play.
We will not spend much time about this, I just want to say I had good sensations and I had the best coaches having my back (Delphine and Flavie at the beginning and then only Flavie).

3 All

The upcoming matches were the doubles, where we are stronger according to rankings. The hierarchy was respected and the WD and the MD were won by two sets.
This good victory allows us to remain leader of the championship with 4 points ahead of the second.

Next day on March 18th at 4PM in Sénart who is the last of the championship.
I would like to underline that according to the rankings of the championship, the next meetings and the opposing teams, the calendar of the play-offs is favorable for us. But as the proverb says : “not to count one's chickens before they are hatched”.
I would like to thank la Guinguette for the delicious lunch, the staff who set up and uninstall the room, people behind the score table, the speaker etc. for their faultless partition and of course our faithful public, I would like to see more numerous, still enthusiast and efficient.