National 1 - Day 7 - RCF

What a day and what a night !
If every day ended up like this one, I would say : long live sport, badminton and youth !

Honestly, the matchs were awesome in a meeting that ended up with a draw we are very happy with (I will go through the progress of the meeting later) but what a night !

I will start by warmly thanking all the staff of the club and especially La Guinguette (Coco and co) who assured decorations and  meal as in a great parisian Cabaret !

This Cabaret night would not have been possible without our Johanna who prepared us a Broadway show ! Congrats ladies ! (www.​ent​rons​dans​lada​nse.​fr)

Huge thanks to Dom and Cécile for the organization of this event which will stay in the memory of the club. Thanks to Stéphane too and also to the  « oldies baddies » for the intendance side.

Thanks to the RCF for staying with us to celebrate, it is a great pleasure to share that kind of moments with us, not only points !

Thanks to Pierre Gregoire, deputy mayor of Ezanville who came to enjoy the show, and all Bad&Pros partners : Sphère Événements, Olona and Manessens.

And also all the members of our association who were part of this funny party where many nationalities could meet : Polish, Taipei, Serbian, Brazilian… We missed Russian and I might be forgetting others ! I love that melting pot !

I hope badminton players enjoyed the flexibility of he dancers and I hope the dancers enjoyed the physical qualities of the players !

Personnally speaking it was an amazing night ! Thank you all !

Let's go back on the meeting, which, at first sidght, looked complicated as Victoria was absent and the RCF came with JHOU Shih-jyun from Taipei. 

Unfortunately for them, Vincent Medina got injured a few days before the meeting. Nothing major but he needs a lot of rest. Get well soon Vincent !

Well, 1 All, ball in the middle.

The first matchs were the MS2 and then the two MxD.

On first leg, the MS2 was long, very long (more than a hour). I guess this is why the judge referee decided to start with this match.
This time is was much shorter but still not for us because Fabrice didn't take a set and lost his match.

1-0 for RCF

The MxD1, always with Dédé and Grégor, was long to turn on but as soon as they got launch, nothing could have stop them !

1 All

The MxD2 is another defeat for our team as Flavie and Fabien didn't believe in their chances ! Too bad !

2 – 1 for RCF

The upcoming matchs are WS1 and 2.

We had to innovate because as Victoria was absent, we did an atypical composition that already proved its efficiency !

In WS1, Lauren had to play against the player from Taipei, Shih Jyun. It was a one way match and Lauren, a little tired because of the flu, hardly lost  her match.

3-1 for RCF

For the WS2, we chose our double specialist (very logical, isn't it?), Delphine.
On the first leg, the kind polish girl won against Lauren so we could guess this match would be difficult. It was without counting on Delphine mental strength who brought a very important point by winning in two tight sets. Good job for a double player, Dédé !!

3 – 2 

The MD was easily won by our boys ! Good job fellas !

3 – 3

And then 4 – 3 for the RCF as Lauren and Flavie were very combative on the WD against a way stronger pair according to rankings. Too bad girls, a third set would have been deserved !

4 – 3 for RCF

Last match, the MS1 with Drago who did the Drago thing. That is to say a match without challenge is not a match. Indeed, he was leading during the first par of the first set but then blackout ! The RCF player took advantage from it and he won the final sprint to take the first set. With the cheering crowd and a good coaching (I can say it because it wasn't me!), Drago woke up to finish with the manner with all his enthusiasm to delight the public and give us the point of the draw which is synonym of keeping our place of leader and widen the gap between RCF and us.

Next day at home again against Créteil on February 25th. We are waiting for crowds of you ! I invite you to come at little bit before 4PM to enjoy the presentation of both teams, composed of Brice Leverdez, French number 1 player, for Créteil.