National 1 - Day 6 - Boulogne

We are entering the new year in the same way we entered the season, that is to say with a great victory.

I have to admit that I am very spoiled this season, not only by the amount of victories (even if every coach would be satisfied with it, and of course I am), but also by the beautiful screenplays of the meetings and a united team !

Indeed, I can feel a communicative joy and a real pleasure to play together coming from the players, but also a pleasure to share with the public who like to come with us.

For example, after his victory, Dragoslav reached out his arms to the unleashed supporters from the club in order to share his victory.

I am also proud of Delphine and Grégor's spirit of conquest on the decisive Mixed Double to bring the victory point, even if Grégor had not that much game.

I am admirative of Flavie who had the head in her books because of her upcoming exams but who did her best. As much as the judge referee of the day said she was 180cm tall ! (Private joke)

I appreciated that Lauren cheered us from a far, we missed her very much to feel comfortable in this meeting.

I am impressed by the Men Double composed of Fabien and Grégor which was pleasant to see as Fabien was combative and efficient. Good job boys !

I am astonished by Fabrice who seems to be tireless ! He almost won over the physical aspect against a young opponent exhausted by the match.

Of course, smiling Victoria brought us a precious point thanks to her victory in Women Simple.

For the Women Simple 2, please make some noise for Delphine ! You know this is a rare fact and it was art !

Last but not least, of course our amazing supporters who come to away meetings with us and bring so much to this team.

I have a great chance to share this with them. Thanks for this beautiful beginning of the year gift ! It is very pleasant to see you like this with our crazy public ! 

Before giving you the detail of the meetings, I would like to thank all ther players from Boulogne Billancourt and their staff for this good performance and the conviviality they bring to each of our meetings. Special thought to the ex-members of the club Xavier and Bruno and to those I have seen the next day in the morning (William) not completely awake ! Isn't it Margaux and Benjamin ?!

To top it all, we heard the RCF lost at home against Créteil ! Sometimes ones' sadness makes others' happiness ! So we have now 5 points ahead of the second, the RCF. 

Next day is at home against the RCF on January 28th followed by our Bad&Pros Night Fever III.

Come many because we prepared a lovely little party full of surprises ! But hush, I can't say anaything !