National 1 - Day 5 - Guichen

Last day of first leg of our championship where we make the biggest move, that is to say Guichen/Bourg des Comptes, in the « suburb » of Rennes !

As usual, we are welcomed as kings in a very friendly, festive and passionate atmosphere. I think it's been 15 years since our two clubs have come together at this level and are playing very high-level games and it was the case again.

After a few hours in the bus the Town Hall of Ezanville lended us (thanks a lot for that by the way), we arrived in Brittany with our full team, big ambitions and the thirst for victories.

The youth of the team of Guichen, who already surprised the RCF, the second in rankings, on day 4, makes me assume that the meeting is going to be tight and intense.

As for Créteil on the last meeting, the screenplay of this meeting was full of emotions, as if the Judge referee had a great pleasure to imagine a detective novel plot while choosing the order of matches.

The order of matches is the following :

So we started with the MD composed of Fabien and Grégor for us against Thom (Delphine's mixed double partner in the National Team) and Baptiste.

It was a one way match for Guichen. Our two mates are still not able to find the right rythm to shine as bright at the same time. I know this is only a question of time because in mixed double, they show us an excellent playing level with an enthusiasm of born-competitors but shhht.. Suspense !

On the other side, our two players, Delphine and Victoria, only made one bite of their opponents, Marig and Julie.

1 All

MS2 and WS2's turn.

The first sets of these two matches were absolutely different from each other. On one hand, Lauren gave the young and talented Ainoa a little correction (5 points scored). On the other hand, Fabrice lost the first set by 25/23 with a set point !

Perfect equality between both teams. Despite a little slowdown and Ainoa's awakening, Lauren won the match and brought the victory point whereas Fabrice wasn't able to step out from the tight loss of the first set.

Teams are still following each other : 2 all.

Both simples started. According to rankings, we must win these two matches. Rankings were right ! Indeed, despite a slow beginning, our Dragoslav finally won his match by two tight sets. What to say about Victoria who only left 1 point to her opponent in the second set !! What a power !

4 to 2 for USEE.

Only one match is missing for the victory, and two not to give the defensive point to Guichen (Ah… Competition spirit…)

I have to admit that these two matches were absolutely beautiful.
On a side, our pair Flavie/Fabien and on the other side Delphine/Grégor playing respectively Meline/Ronan and Ainoa/Thom.

2 matches in 3 thigh sets. Both were for USEE, in a big atmosphere between Guichen's drums and our kettledrum and maracas. Thanks to Séverine and Cécile for making them shake without a pause. 

I saw our two pairs on a cloud with long and incredible points. Bow down to our two boys (Fabien and Grégor) who had their heads in the socks after their MD and who showed a strong commitment in the matches. Certainly this increased motivation is also due to their partner: Flavie and Delphine? Girls you certainly have the right words to give back the energy ! Good job ladies !

We celebrated this victory as we had to do it! Didn't we Thom ?! 
So, we win this game on the score of 6 to 2 which keeps us in the 1st place of our championship with 2 points ahead of the second, the RCF, and 4 on the 3rd, Boulogne Billancourt, that we will meet on January 7th at 4 pm in Boulogne Billancourt.

Thanks to Séverine, Cécile and Hervé for following us !

I would also like to thank the club of Guichen / Bourg des comptes for your welcome, your conviviality, the atmosphere and the heart that you put in these meetings. Dinner with you was a great occasion to share our common passion! Thank you again and long live Badminton!
I wish you a great holiday season and see you next year!