National 1 - Day 4 - Sénart

Result without frills
For the first time of the season, the team members were all here to host Sénart, at the last place of the championship. The goal was to win the offensive bonus (if a team wins by 8 to 0, it benefits from an additional point so 6 points instead of 5 for a victory).
It was a formality ! Indeed, no set lost and a rare and severe 8-0. It was a correction !
As the RCF lost at home against Guichen, with this exceptional result, we are sharing the 1st place of the championship with Boulogne Billancourt.
Let’s go back on the progress of this meeting :
Rankingly speaking, we were superior on every match except on the MS1. But finally, we have been superior everywhere on the court!
We start the meeting with the MxD2 and the MS2.
I remember Fabrice had difficulties to finish his match against the same player last year. Except the 1st set, it was a formality as the MxD2 composed of Flavie and Fabien who won by 21-6 on the 2nd set !
2-0 for USEE
Next match is the WD where I mix for the first time our gunboats, Delphine and Victoria. Final score : 6 and 6. Good job… I mean… Very good job…
Then, happend the most tensed match of the meeting, the MS1 with our Serbian player Drago (23/21 – 22/20).
I would say : Well mastered, boy !
The MD starts with Fabien and Grégor who still have difficulties to move together since the beginning of the season. This time, they have a great victory which allows them to see a bright future.
The, the WS2 with our shining Lauren since the beginning of the season where nobody can resist her. And it was the case again ! 13 and 12 ! Classy !
Two victories more, which weren’t long to come, to reach the goal !
The WS1 with Victoria « The Machine » who pulverized her very lovely opponent.
The meeting ended with the MxD1 with Delphine and Grégor who made it very quickly.
I haven’t seen that for a while ! What a team !
I would like to warmly thank Johanna Fabien who is on every front ! In the morning with a Bad&Pros meeting and in the afternoon as the osthepath of the team. What an energy !
I also would like to thank all the volunteers who were numerous to set and unset the room, it was very fast then !
I don’t forget Dominique, Cécile, Liz-Audrey, Corinne and the public for their cheering !
Big up to family Ganci who had dinner with us !
I can’t finish this summary without talking about Fabrice Barnabé, our +40 European champion, with whom we took a glass of champagne all together to congratulate him. Congrats dude !
Next meeting on 17th December in Guichen.