National 1 - Day 3 - Créteil

There are victories, and there are great victories !

On Saturday, November 5th the team went to Créteil, Brice Leverdez's land who is at the 26th place on world ranking !

On our side, we were without our Delphine who was in Bilbao for the World Championship Junior in order to defend the colors of our country. (They reached the 11th place by team, a historical result!)

As our team was not full, the meeting may seem complicated. But it is without counting on the willing to do great results to win of the team !

Indeed, we went back with a great victory (5-3) from our neighbors.

I would like to thank all our supporters : the Delrues, the Dunikowskis, the Souillards and the Piquets for their cheers and their smiles. I love it, thank you !

We started this meeting in an awesome way because we won the two first matchs : the MxD 1, composed with Fabien and Flavie, and the WS 2 played by Lauren. This MxD was strongly mastered with a high level of serenity. Lauren made her strength and her precision speak for her, as much as she won the match pretty easily.

2-0 for USEE

The two Simples 1 were the upcomming matchs : MS1 and WS1. Créteil took a risk and let the n°1 French player aside for the MS1. Maxime Michel played instead, he already beat Dragoslav. And unfortunately, Dragoslav had no solution against the wonderful defenses of the player from Créteil.

2-1 for us

On the other side, le SD1 started and Victoria's power was undeniable. A fautless match against Manon, boarder at Insep.

3-1 for Ezanville

The MxD 2 and MS 2 were about to begin. The MxD was a one-way match for Créteil. Grégor and Lauren could not help to take the advantage.


The MS 2 started and as usual, Fabrice the Boss made his opponent's head spin. At the same time, the MD was going on. Our players (Grégor and Fabien) were very willing and enthousiatic to play but it wasn't enough to take over their opponents and the lost this match.


Back to MS 2 ! Last year, Fabrice, very tired because of the flu, lost his match against the same player. This time, Fabrice was in a very good shape after his European Champion +40 title. First, he was a bit long to dive in his match, but then, as soon as he took the temperature… Vincent did not know where to run at ! 
Indeed, Vincent lead by 10 to 1 in the third set but Fabrice showed all his most beautiful skills to take over Vincent and win this match by 21/17. Amazing Fabrice !

4-3 for USEE. Only one point away from victory… but from draw too !

The WD started then, composed with (as Delphine is absent) Flavie, on fire after her amazing MxD, and of Victoria, our powerful Russian player. Girls were running behind their opponents during all the first set but they took advantage of the money time to win it 21/19. It was so damn hot !

I really enjoy that kind of context !

For our great pleasure, the screenplay of the second set was exactly the same, with amazing dives from Flavie and incredibly powerful smashs from Victoria !

What a way to end a meeting ! 5-3 for Ezanville Ecouen

As you can guess, I really appreciated this victory. First of all because this is a victory but mostly because the screenplay was absolutely incredible as we played against a team composed with the 26th world best player !

Congratulations to this very beautiful team. I like sport, especially badminton to share these moments.
Thanks buddies !

Next meeting is against Sénart on November 26th at home, La Prairie, at 4 PM ! We are waiting for many of you !