National 1 - Day 2 - RCF

Angry Eric !

I will start my summary by congratulating our players for this great meeting and also the very lovely players from RCF for this victory, without forgetting our supporters who came to cheer us.

Indeed, it was intense from the beginning to the end and it turned in favor of RCF ! Congrats buddies !

This victory by 5 to 3 for the RCF is well deserved. Players were adorable, with a great fairplay as for example during Fabrice and Bastien's match (1:15 long) , players have re-played many points because the referees couldn't see anything (more details further).

As I was saying, matchs were wonderful and the last but not least Women Double was incredible ! They were all combattive but respectful of each others ! It was an exemplary meeting, thanks all !

Congrats again to the RCF players for this victory.

I am done with the sportive side of my summary, I would like now to deal with another aspect and I am sorry but I can't remain quiet. Moreover, even if we would have won, I would have said the same thing.

I am not going to tell the whole story but only give you some post-meeting details :
Around 15 days ago, RCF told us they had no place to welcome us… Paris please !! Whatever, we were trying to find a solution on our side, but we couldn't dispose of our usual place (la Prairie), which is always updated for years after many warnings from our federation about our infrastuctures in order to respect specifications of Nationale 1.
The only solution we had was to use our other place, Jean Bullant, but the room has not the good standards. So we decided to announce that our solution is not satisfying enough as it doesn't deal with the good image of excellence that our championship conveys.

A few days before the meeting, the RCF told us they finally found a place to welcome us !

Talking about this place… I absolutely don't want to disrepect the RCF volunteers or staff through my summary. We are all volunteers and we chose it. I don't deny they are willing to do well, they are doing pretty good. But I have to admit that for players' safety, for the quality of the show, the image of our sport… I am wreacked.

Very sliding floor, antiquated locker rooms, referees' chairs and stakes out of standards, no lights (referees weren't even able to judge the lines as the lighting was bad – too bad for our photographers also), no benches… And last but not least, the bad quality of the shuttles (only one speed available) ! So some would say « Make a claim ! You can and you are right to do it ! » Yes indeed, I can, but what for ? With my few years of experience, I realise this is absolutely useless like throwing a rock in a well and hoping to hear a sound. I am still waiting for it…

I do claim this is useless, except for some clubs (which will recognize themselves), which are, like us, always looking for the well-being of their players, their public and their partners in order to enhance badminton and lead it to excellence !

« Excellence » is major to me because I think this is what our Federation is looking for at every level. It makes sense ! Among the RCF is the Competition Vice-President of FFBad and she was here for the first meeting. I am trying to send a message as much as I can. The legend says the shoemaker has always the worse shoes, as we can see here !

Okay I am done now ! For those who wants talk more about that know where to find me.

RCF players, I can't wait to see you on the second leg at home. You will be able to appreciate the conditions of play we provide, for you to provide the best of yourselves with great quality shuttles. I am sure you will enjoy it.

I am also thinking about referees' who will be able to do their job easily and also the public and our partners who will attend a great show, as badminton 2016 (and maybe 2017) version is !

Long live sport and long live badminton !