National 1 - Day 10 - Guichen

10th and last day of our championship against the kind club of Guichen.
To remain leader, we had at worst to lose by more than 5-3 and at the same time RCF (2nd) to win against Boulogne Billancourt (3rd).
Anyway, the probability to remain on pole position was high: no arithmetic needed, the team did an excellent job.
For your information, Delphine was absent because she was at the Junior European Championship, as Thom Gicquel for Guichen, who is also Delphine’s partner in the National Team. We’re evens!
The meeting started with the MxD1 composed of Fabien and Victoria, an unusual pair, who easily won.
1-0 for Ezanville
I would like you to know that Fabrice was the captain of the moment! That can explain the compositions. By the way, I was late so I wasn’t able to see this match, too bad!
The MS1 was absolutely awesome with a Dragoslav a bit diminished because of a contracture on his behind and a Guichen player with crazy diving skills!
The game was a close call but Drago finally won.
2-0 for Ezanville
For the MS2 to, we called on Mevissen. It was the first time for him and he was a bit shy at the beginning of his match. But then Mevissen broke a sweat and I saw very beautiful points, he is the rush king! Thnaks Mevi for the sacrifice!
2 to 1 for us
WS2 was the following match where our Lauren flaunt her talent in front for us during the whole match! Congrats Lauren! I have to admit that Lauren’s season was exemplary: a high quality game I haven’t seen for a while. An exceptional season that is pleasant to see.
3 to 1 for Ezanville
From now, we are assured to remain leader no matter what happens, so this means we are receiving the PlayOffs! Well done guys!
Then the MxD2 started with Flavie and Dragoslav and they were a bit wobbly! Indeed, on only one leg, Drago was lame! Tight match but still a victory for us.
4 to 1 for Ezanville
The WS1 was a formality for Victoria, as usual. I mean, no defeat for the whole season hats off to her!
5 to 1 for us.
The MD and the WD started then. Girls were faster than boys: two sets tight but efficient.
6 to 1 for Ezanville
The only shady point was Fabien’s sprain at the very end of his match. He had to give up the match. I have to say that our duo Grégor/Fabien was mistreated by players from Guichen. I guess it was necessary to leave them a few points! Get well soon Fabien!
Final score 6-2 !
For your information, it is finally Boulogne Billancourt who goes to the PlayOffs against the leader of the other pool after defeating the RCF. Senart falls back to Nationale 2.
Congratulations my team! Another season ends in a wonderful way for the second time in a row! This team is fabulous and it is obvious!

Only one very important meeting is remaining: PlayOffs against Arras on May, 6th.
I ask all of you to come to support the team for this ultimate meeting. Top 12 is at the top of their rackets! At football, we talk about “the 12th man” and so I wish I could see the room turning into a volcano like last year! Tick May, 6th on your calendars!
Morover, a little after game party is in preparation!
Before May 6th, I would like to thank all of those who participated, accompanied, prepared, shouted, scored, pictured, tidy, announced, cooked, corrected… Many thanks!
I really appreciated the season I lived with you, with volunteering as I like it. Commitment, smiles, discussions, help, parties… And one left! It is up to us to make it beautiful and I count on you!