National 1 - Day 1

First day, first victory !

What a manner to begin the season !
For this first day, we were welcoming our friends from Boulogne Billancourt who just step down from TOP 12, after having a complicated season, I guess.

As another premiere, we had the huge pleasure to have the amazing Victoria Slobodyanyuk as a member of our team freshly came from Russia ! Moreover, other premiere, I had to wear the jersey of the club (and what a pleasure!) to have a particular team composition as Dragoslav was absent.

As a reminder, Martyn Lewis is not part of our team anymore but he keeps being in our hearts.
But this strategy allowed us to win this meeting.

It started as I like, with a 2-0

The Men Double, not without fighting, and the Women Double were won with energy with Fabien Delrue, who becomes incontestable titular according to his results since the end of last season, and our Gregor who handled their opponants. Same path for the girls.

Boulogne has not said its last word by winning the next two games which were the Men Single 1 and the Mixte Double 2. The MS was very disputed. Physically speaking, Fabrice was way better than Bruno Lucas but that wasn't enough and Bruno gave all of him to escape from the 3rd set and to win the match bu two sets.

The MD 2 was even more disputed with Victoria a bit stressed for her first match under our banner. 25/23 on the 3rd set for Boulogne. Surely the best match of the meeting.

2 All

Our MD 1 was composed of the family Delrue members (Delphine and Fabien) played right to win a well-mastered match !

3-2 for us

Then the Women Single 2 was the following match. Lauren won the 1st set but she has made a few scares in the second one ! Tough Lauren !

4-2, only one match left fot the victory.

It was Victoria's time to play in her best category, the Women Simple. How can we say… Faultless !
Precise, powerful, fast, she was perfect against a player who have been a problem for Delphine last year when she was playing for Cholet. Results are clear, only 9 and 5 points per sets ! Full of promises !


The following match had any engagement except the defensive point for Boulogne. 
I have to confess that Jimmy Noblecourt is a little bit too talented for me !! I gave my best on only one point… The last one ! Those who were present could have appreciate this moment.

Final score : 5 to 3 !

Even without Dragoslav, this let us imagine a solid season with a homogeneous group in terms of level composed of young people and experimented people. We are going to have a lot of fun !

I would like to thank La Guinguette for the lunch and the bar. Always on top !
Thanks to people who set up the room and took care of everything during the meeting. Especially Marie ! 

The only problem was the lack of public for this first day ! This is maybe because of the date : the meeting was on the same day as the Forum of the Associations and the weather was very sunny. But people from neighbor clubs came for us, this is pleasant to see !

Next day at home is on October 26th against Sénart. I hope the weather will be bad as hell ! 

Next day against RCF (Racing Club de France) on October 8th in Paris, not far at all ! Come very numerous to support us. I will let you know as soon as possible the place of the meeting where we will be waiting for you !